Slot Item Level
Weapon Sacrificial Greataxe +2 6
Weapon Longbow (off hand) 0
Weapon _ _
Weapon _ _
Armor Horn Tusk Hide Armor +2 7
Arms _ _
Feet _ _
Hands _ _
Head _ _
Neck Cape of the Mountebank +1 5
Ring _ _
Ring _ _
Waist _ _
Wondrous _ _
Wondrous _ _

Wish List:


Aukan is generally quiet and prefers to let his actions speak for him. He was trained from birth to be a member of the royal guard. Like most Goliaths he is competitive.

He is bald. His skin is blue grey with darker blueish black markings and tattoos. He has one really awesome one (idea yet to be had) that is bright red on his left arm which signifies his status as a royal guard. His eyes are unusual in that they change color.

He never thought that he would become such great friends with Keothi when he was first assigned to guard him. Aukan thought that it was strange that Keothi had hair and use to make fun of him as a child. But soon their competitive natures helped them bond over various competitive games. Now Aukan is the only one who can call Keothi a little lady and he will pretty much kill anyone else that does.

His life long training has twisted Aukan a bit. He loves pain and often will mock his attacker, even well after he is bloodied.

He also has man-boobs. NO NO NO NO there are no man-boobs, they are his pecks of annihilation. Stupid Pete.

Item Wish List:


  • Cap of Water Breathing – 10
  • Helm of Heros – 10
  • Mask of Slithering – 11


  • Belt of Blood – 10





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