The Travelers of Terra

Chapter 9

Perils of the Wild

Having traversed the eastern shore of clover bay, our adventurers turn east toward Craymoon City. Along their way, Tobogo discovers a contingent of shifters who were exiled from his tribe long ago. A group of knolls appear to be holding some strange creature captive. They are holding the creature back with ropes tied around its neck. It sounds to Tobogo as if the shifter traitors are bargaining with the creature’s captors. “It’s not tame! I refuse to pay such a high price for a wild beast! Deadly as it is…it’s worthless unless we can control it!” In his broiling hatred of the traitors, Tobogo charges in and engages their camp in combat. Trello hurriedly scampers after him. “Look who we’ve got here Thorn! Amris’ little whelp!” shouted the shifter Tobogo recognizes as Ashe, the exile.

With a blast of arctic wind, Tobogo sends one knoll wrangler hurtling into the bonfire at the center of their camp. It screams and drops to the ground amid the flames, and smolders there for the rest of the fight, releasing a foul stench of burning flesh into the air. Another knoll nearby succumbs to the piecing wind and falls to the ground. Other knoll combatants, some more conditioned for battle than others, rush in to avenge their fallen allies. They rake and claw at Tobogo, landing vicious blows that injure him badly. Trello runs to his aid, calling out with words of encouragement augmented his a magical, soothing melody that invigorates his wounded comrade. The others also rush in to catch up with Trello and Tobogo, engaging the exiled shifters. Keothi and Aukan square off against Ashe, Aukan pinning him to the ground with writhing tendrils of vines and roots. Trello cleverly pipes a harsh chord that catches Ashe off guard, tripping him up, and causing him to lurch forward to catch his balance. Luck was not with Ashe, and he happened to stumble directly into the arcing upward back swing of Keothi’s great axe. The blade catches Ashe in the chin, slicing into his head from below, and dispatching him instantly. From the back lines, the strange creature (a Destrican) released ear splitting cries that daze and disorient our heroes. Thorn fought fiercely, but was overcome by Dassarius’ venomous serpents called forth from the Nypacean swamps of the Feywild. The Destrican manages to break free from the knolls, savagely assaults Tobogo and lets out another scream to deafen its foes. It then cuts into Keothi, angering him beyond rage, and provoking Keothi to instinctively lash out with his axe, catching the Destrican in a patch of soft flesh. The cut sank deeply, severing a major artery. Blood gushed out in waves as the Destrican’s now failing heart pumped its own blood out of the gaping wound. It fell with a scream that made everyone cringe, and the earth beneath it was quickly soaked with blood.

  • Picking through the camp, they unlocked a chest that contained a scroll with the Detect Item ritual.
  • Moving further eastward, they encountered a wall that would have seemed to have turned them north, had the hearty goliaths not tried to scale it. Upon touching the wall, they discovered it was an illusion. The heroes decided to find the line of the wall to see if they could find the ones who had set it in their path.
  • The heroes came upon an area that was clearly touched by magic of the Feywild. Beautiful golden light shimmered into a clearing of the most magestic forest they had ever seen. They were so entranced they did not notice the dangers present. The very flowers themselves, known as Traveler’s End, attacked them, as well as huge simian creatures, clearly warped by the fey magic, leaping from the trees. It was not long before the once mesmerizing beauty was stained with blood.
  • The party continued to Craymoon. When within sight of the city, they came upon a bridge across the Iounade River, high above the waterfalls overlooking the city. There, the party was ambushed by 6 cloaked figures who teleported into a pincer-like position. They were trapped on the bridge. Two of the figures were melee fighters, one a very large human, the other an orc. Behind them to each side were a total of 4 figures, each with the same cloak, but their hoods were down and they wore Melorin’s amulets of Ventus. They said that while Lord Melorin thought them good sport, they were determined to end the heroes’ progress towards the city. The heroes showed them the gravity of their mistake. One of the cloaked casters escaped by flinging himself over the bridge and floating to safety. One other died in the battle, and the other two only wished they had died. With some… “enthusiastic persuasion” the heroes were able to learn that Melorin was in the city, and close to the bracelet of Kelmar.



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