The Travelers of Terra

Chapter 3

A Plot Unfurled

After shaking off the necromancers stunning curse, Arjahn was able to administer healing to Dr. Cain. This provided him with just enough strength to pull Yolanda towards him and whisper ”...must…protect…earth…” He then slumped back into what looks like a coma; wounds healed, but still unconscious.

Asura led the charge into the next room to find a large, ornately carved burial chamber, with a beaten and scorched villain struggling to stand back up. “I’m not finished with you yet,” he croaked, pointing a gaunt, quivering finger at Asura. Then in a blaze of dark flames, the necromancer vanished, leaving only a cloudy mist behind.

Surveying this room, the party discovers that this is the final resting place of Aron, Lord Lavendis…at least it was…until our antagonist decided he needed some new digs.

Upon inspecting the headpiece of the staff that the statue of Lord Lavendis was holding, Dassarius had a vision that showed a distant land. In the middle of a thickly forested area there was an ancient temple that contained an identical statue holding the actual staff. After sharing with the group and consulting the map, the party believes that place to be near Valerian City.

They collected Dr. Cain (and what was left of Yolanda ) and hustled back to Gridan. They went immediately to the Temple of Melora to get aid for Dr. Cain. The temple priest that greeted them was alarmed by Dr. Cain’s condition and they placed him in Arjahn’s room until the High Priest could attend to him. The party returned to the barracks to rest for the evening.

In the morning, the group had a meeting with Eldin who was happy to see them return, but very unhappy about the news they brought. He dispatched a team of powerful magi to deal with any remaining undead and reseal the Lavendis tomb. He also suggested that we see the two remaining Lavendis brothers in town to see if they had any additional information about these happenings. As they might be upset about the party breaking into the family mausoleum, Eldin wrote a letter to the Lavendis brothers attesting to the truth of the story the group would tell them. He also paid them a hefty sum of platinum for their services (ka-ching!).

The party then goes to the Temple of Melora to check on Dr. Cain. When they meet with the high priest, he asks the group to tell him how Dr. Cain came to be in this condition. Now having all the information, the temple elder informs the group that Dr. Cain is afflicted with a Lich Possession curse. His body is in perfect health, but his soul has sustained tremendous damage and cannot be cured by conventional means. He tells the group the story of the White Lotus flower which is said to have the power to cure this affliction. Leaving Dr. Cain in his care, the group goes in search of the Lavendis brothers.

The brothers could be found high in their arcane tower. The party was shown up to the brothers’ study where they were busy with all manner of magical study and experimentation. The duo was much dismayed about hearing of the fate of their ancestor’s remains. Upon hearing about how three of the party came to be in this world, the brothers began (as Ryan called it) “googling” information by summoning magic tomes and scrolls out of thin air, quickly searching for any information on the original travelers and this necromancer.

From the information they magi-googled () the Lavendis brothers pieced together the story of the Travelers as such. They were originally three very powerful mages who were particularly interested in teleportation. They had developed a series of gateways that could teleport people and goods instantly between the major cities of Terra. Those gateways have not been operational for quite some time. They also were secretly experimenting with inter-dimensional transportation. The brothers believed that the Travelers had successfully made a gateway to the world of Earth. On their return, they were ambushed by a rival mage named Ventus. With several of his followers, Ventus is said to have killed the Travelers. The battle drew the attention of many guards who engaged Ventus and his followers. The account of this fight is unclear, but it appears that Ventus went through the portal at some point, and was never seen again. The rest of his followers escaped.

The brothers asked how the three even came to find the portal. When describing about Dr. Cain, the matter of the silver bracelet came up. The brothers instantly demanded to know where the bracelet was. The last the party knew, it was in Dr. Cain’s possession. One of the brothers vanished, only to reappear a few moments later with the bracelet. He explained that this bracelet belonged to one of the Travelers and was the reason they were able to go through the portal. They theorized that the Travelers built the gateway so that only they could pass through it. They must have left the bracelet on the other side, anticipating that someone from earth would find the portal and come through. They think that this magical warding is what kept Ventus from leaving the gateway cavern on Earth. They also believe that the reason the three from earth look like the Travelers is to help whoever would have come from earth to blend in with the inhabitants of Terra. However, when asked why they not only had the appearance of natives of Terra, but newfound abilities and knowledge of this world, the brothers did not have an explanation as to how that could be.

Dassarius also mentioned the vision he had when he touched the headpiece in the tomb. The brothers were instantly alarmed and demanded who else they had told about this vision. The group informed them that only Eldin knew, and the other brother vanished this time. He reappeared a few moments later informing his brother that “it’s been taken care of.” The brothers then explained that the location of the staff is very secret knowledge about the Lavendis family history and the temple in the Valerian forest.

The party explained their next steps to the Brothers, who laughed at the idea that the White Lotus even exists. They did admit that it is possible, however improbable and very difficult to find, as the White Lotus is said to grow only in the deep subterranean caverns in the Dundran Mountains.



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