The Travelers of Terra

Chapter 2

Through the Looking Glass

The trip through the portal was quite a doozy, and it appeared that the party went from the frying pan into the fire. After meeting with Mayor Eldin and his mysterious entourage, the group was taking a nice twilight tour of town when they are met by a band of mangy looking mongrels.

Tonight on the Gridan nightly news. The town is under attack!!! Terrifying creatures of old have stormed the city from the North Gate! Mysterious heroes from another world have held them back, saving innocent civilians! They could be headed to your part town town, find out after this short word from our sponsors! (Crawl: Stocks in mead are plummeting…Zombie wolves are eating children…Lamp oil now on sale at Smitty’s…)

The party (btw feel free to come up with a fun team name), after following the trail of undeady messness, came upon a creepy graveyard and trounced the zombies who awoke from the coffins buried below. Your now camped in front of a large, sealed, mausoleum, which has more footprints leading in and out of it. In the middle of the night, your culinary exploits attracted the attention of 2 wandering gravehounds, which you all made short work of (i should have used 3 or 4…next time…next time…).

That blazing skeleton should have stayed in bed…and welcome to the Lavendis Family Catacombs…spooky!

The party made it a few feet down the main entry corridor when they were ambushed by a pack of shadow bats and flanked by a pair of phantom warriors who were none too happy to be having any visitors. Mike, you’ll love this…one of them got dusted and the other escaped by phasing through a nearby wall. Vaarsuvius, ehem, I mean Dassarius, in an attempt to get some distance between himself and the fray, bumped into a clay scout who gave him quite a headache. After taking out a pair of magical crossbow traps, the team got jumped (literally) but a small pack of Imps (but you don’t really know they’re Imps). Spooky! After taking out a double line of skeleton warriors and skeleton flame throwers, the party is ambushed by an old friend and his insubstantial buddies.



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